Subaru Industrial Power Products’ EX Series offers more power, easier starts and a lower total cost of ownership than same-class competitive engines. The EX Series engines are the first to utilize high performance chain-driven overhead cam (OHC) technology in the industrial air-cooled market and are ideal for use in general construction and compaction equipment, portable generators, pumps, compressors and other industrial engine applications.

Chain-driven OHC technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned for optimum engine performance. This offers lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow. Designed with a highly efficient pent-roof-type combustion chamber, the EX engines are able to utilize a high compression ratio, producing higher power and torque while limiting exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

The EX Series includes four models with power ranges from 4.3 to 14 horsepower and is covered by Subaru’s 5-year limited warranty.