• Wheel Kits




    Generator Model Part Number
    Fits RGX2900, RGX3600, RGX4800, RGX6500, RGX7500 92630021
    Fits RGV12100 92630019
    Fits RGX3000, 3800, 5100, 7100, & RGX7800E 92630039
  • Lifting Hooks


    gen lifting hook copy

    Small lift hook – LIFT HOOK-SM


    Generator Model Part Number
    Fits RGX2900 – RGX4800E LIFT HOOK-SM
    Fits RGX6500 – RGX7500E LIFT HOOK-LG
    Fits RGV12100 & RGV13100T LIFT HOOK-XLG
  • Generator Covers


    generator cover copy

    (all covers are silver/gray color)


    Generator Model Part Number
    Medium – fits RGX2900 – RGX3600, SGX3500 GEN COVER-MD
    Large – Fits S3200i, S4300i, RGX4800 – RGX7500, SGX5000 – SGX7500E GEN COVER-LG
    X-Large  – Fits RGV12100, RGV13100T GEN COVER-XLG
    XX-Large  – Fits RGX4800E, RGX6500E, RGX7500E GEN COVER-XXLG
  • Other Accessories


    spider adapter

    Spider Adapter – 9RGV0014

    Remote Start & 50ft. Cable – 92630029

    External Battery Charging Cords – 358-95004-00
    plugs_Consult Factory
    Various Plugs – Consult Factory
    RVAdapter_9RGV0013 copy

    125V Adapter – 9RGV0013
    Counter Stool

    Counter Stool – Counter Stool

    Subaru Equipment Stand.ai

    Equipment Stand – Eqp-Stand


    Generator Model Part Number
    External Battery Charging Cords (RGX2900, 3600, 4800, 6500, 7500, S3200i, S4300i) 358-95004-00
    Remote Start (RGV12100) – 50ft. cord 92630029
    Equipment Display Stand Eqp-Stand
    Subaru Counter Stool Counter Stool
    Float Switch (all submersible models) FS-10
    125V Adapter (30A to RV) 9RGV0013
    Spider Adapter (Connects to 30A, 120V, Twistlock) 9RGV0014
    Various sizes of both male and female plugs are available Consult Factory