Get high quality replacement parts to keep your Subaru-powered equipment running like new for years to come.
All part orders are fulfilled by authorized Subaru distributers.

United States
State  Regional Distributor State  Regional Distributor
Alabama Gardner – Connell Montana Northern Engine
Alaska Gardner – Connell Nebraska Oscar Wilson Engines
Arizona Gardner – Connell Nevada Gardner – Connell
Arkansas Oscar Wilson Engines New Hampshire Gardner – Connell
California Gardner – Connell New Jersey Gardner – Connell
Colorado LL Johnson New Mexico LL Johnson
Connecticut Gardner – Connell New York Gardner – Connell
Delaware Continental Engines North Carolina Continental Engines
Florida RBI North Dakota Northern Engine
Georgia Gardner – Connell Ohio Capital Engine
Hawaii Gardner – Connell Oklahoma Smith Distributing
Idaho Northern Engine Oregon Gardner – Connell
Illinois Oscar Wilson Engines Pennsylvania Gardner – Connell
Indiana Capital Engine Rhode Island Gardner – Connell
Iowa Oscar Wilson Engines South Carolina Continental Engines
Kansas Oscar Wilson Engines South Dakota Northern Engine
Kentucky Capital Engine Tennessee Gardner – Connell
Louisiana Marr Bros. Texas Marr Bros.
Maine Gardner – Connell Utah LL Johnson
Maryland Continental Engines Vermont Gardner – Connell
Massachusetts Gardner – Connell Virginia Continental Engines
Michigan Oscar Wilson Engines Washington Gardner – Connell
Minnesota Northern Engine West Virginia Continental Engines
Mississippi Gardner – Connell Wisconsin Oscar Wilson Engines
Missouri Oscar Wilson Engines Wyoming LL Johnson
Province  Regional Distributor
New Brunswick DAC
Quebec Marindustrial
Ontario Marindustrial
Manitoba Renown
Saskatchewan Renown
Alberta Renown
British Columbia Renown