ER12 Rammer – Features & Benefits

The ER12 Rammer features a carefully balanced and engineered design, and is exclusively intended for the demanding application of rammers. With specially-designed components and overhead cam (OHC) technology, the ER-12 is lightweight, yet rugged and powerful. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the ER12 offers more power and up to 24 percent more output than similar competitive engines, all while being lighter weight and designed for optimized balance and performance.


Features OHC technology for more power, less noise and easy, one-pull starting.

Easy-to-maintain engine requires no special tools.

Oil sensor stops engine automatically when the engine experiences a rollover, prolonged idling or overspeed.


The industry’s only 4-cycle engine designed exclusively for rammer usage, this engine features the exact technology, lubrication and safety features to make it ideal for rammer applications.

Contains the highest power and a low weight to improve compaction performance.

Small and balanced from side to side and has a front-to-back center of gravity that is very close to the mounting point to the machine, resulting in more energy transmitted to the ground to complete the job faster.