Service and Support (As of 10.01.2017)

It’s not a perfect world. Accidents happen. Parts occasionally wear out. Oil still needs changing. But we’re always here to make sure you’re able to maximize uptime and keep your equipment performing optimally for years. We keep you posted on any recall information, too.


  • subaru-5-year-warranty-logoWe’re proud to be the first and only manufacturer to offer a 5-year warranty on power products. It covers full labor rates of authorized dealers, distributors and service centers. And we’ve made the warranty claim process hassle free, with easily accessible online forms to simplify transactions and minimize complicated paperwork. We pledge to honor all borderline claims, always giving the benefit of the doubt to our customers in close calls.

    Download Engine Warranty Statement

    Download Generator Warranty Statement
    Download Pump Warranty Statement


  • Find a nearby Subaru Service Center for quality maintenance and warranty work on Subaru engines, pumps and generators. Be aware that not every Subaru Service Center works with every piece of equipment manufactured by Subaru Industrial Power Products. Contacting your regional wholesale distributor first will provide you the best service center to fit your needs.


  • Quickly search for and purchase high-quality replacement parts for your Subaru Industrial Power Products’ equipment. Our parts lookup system and illustrated guide make it easy to get exactly what you need to keep working.


  • Download detailed manuals to guide you through service and parts information on current and retired Subaru Industrial Power Products’ equipment. Our extensive list of owners, parts and service manuals ensure you have everything you need to keep older equipment up and running.